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Happy New Year Pembroke The Work Will Not Do Itself

Happy New Year Pembroke The Work Will Not Do Itself

If there is ever one message I must convey to you, in all things life,


The goal is the variable, and the constant is the phrase above.

Unless you put the duration of time in, the mental effort of visualizing in, the physical effort of work in you will not experience the benefit, or progression, of achieving your goal.

Even if your goal is lying on the couch for 5 days straight, you must perform the 3 actions above.

Good luck with all you set out to accomplish in 2017!

I have my “BIG” goals lined up, and my accessory goals undertow.

The waves will appear huge, and the less impressive (noticeable) will serve as a constant reinforcement.

So plan your year out in advance to capitalize off the motivation as you push forward and achieve.


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Robert Belley