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The Simplest Way To Begin Losing Body Fat

The Simplest Way To Begin Losing Body Fat

The simplest way to begin to losing body fat is to simply eat less of the terrible food choices you make.

I know it sounds “too simple”, but it’s 100% true.

Simply maintain eating the healthy options you have daily, but cut in half the greasy or sugary options.

If you’re currently eating a large sub sandwich every day for lunch, cut back to a small. Or eat half the large sub now, the other half tomorrow.

If it’s late-night ice cream binge-eating, eat half the damn pint, eat the other half the next night.

Often people fall helpless for the CHANGE IT ALL mentality.

And guess what that yields?

Usually it leads many people right back to their terrible food habits. With self-inflicted chocolate chip muffin negligence insurance. Not to mention over-compensating belly tucking. But that’s a post for a different therapy visit.

To begin, despite the advice of the genetically gifted fitness model you may be following on Instagram, you do not have to go cold-turkey. And yes she really does make 6-figures for posting 2 minute videos in her bikini most of the day from her bathroom… and if you already have a lean physique, a camera, know how to do a squat, are familiar with smiling, and have wi-fi then welcome to the new Silicon Valley.

However, if you do not meet the previous sentence criteria, you can simply eat half of whatever it is you usually eat that hurts your health and waistline.

Soon, eating half of the junk choices will yield better decisions as you begin to see progress.

And witnessing progress is where a plethora of motivation kicks in, in my opinion, for us normal folks.

Seeing your body change weekly or monthly is absolutely encouraging, and helps to visualize what you may achieve next as you transform!

Of course if you’re a selfie-obsessed individual you probably see the changes by the post. But of course you’re destined for stardom anyway so you probably don’t suffer from any body fat issues. Don’t forget to link your bank account to Facebook and other platforms for the advertising moo-lah 😉

And sometimes this cartoon helps too for ideas!

Keep on trucking and I hope your 2017 is off to a amazing start!


PS: for the partners and friends of anyone who is breathing…






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