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Youth Athlete Training: Preparing for More

My mission is to develop athletes and prevent burnout. I excelled as a youth athlete and know what I wanted more of and what was expected. I work with athletes, coaches and parents to develop the youth to perform at their best.

Unfortunately, many parents are miseducated.

Athletes who train for 4 weeks. then discontinue their training  due to sports really do not benefit their child. Athletes at Belley Fitness are required to attend sessions throughout the season to keep on track for the goals we have established.

It’s mandatory.

It is a program.

Sean Griffith - One Of The Best Athletes I've Ever Worked With and Call A Friend

Belley fitness is by far the most unique training I’ve been a part. At a pivotal point in my life that demanded an ideal training and diet program for college football, Belley fitness provided just that in a friendly environment. – Sean Griffith (Marshfield High School/Shriner’s Team/Endicott College – Football, Rugby)

I’ve helped far too many kids make exceptional gains in athleticism and development only to see those improvements all go away once they leave for “break”.

A plan is developed to be followed through to ultimately be successful.

I do not create 4 week or 2 month plans. I CREATE YEARLY PLANS.

I discover where the athlete is limited, needs improvement, has skeletal, muscular and nervous system dysfunctions, and I address those issues in a complete plan to ensure they progress readily, safely and usually ahead of schedule.

My athletes are fantastic kids.

Nicole McHugh - One of the most intelligent athletes I've ever trained. She's a great kid who continually WANTS to improve. One of the funniest kids at the studio too!

“Belley Fitness is my favorite place to work out! Rob Belley helped me get ready for my varsity soccer tryouts and season this year where I was voted most improved. The flexible scheduling, comfortable work out space and nice people made exercising fun instead of work. I strongly recommend Belley fitness for high school athletes who are trying to improve their performance.” – Nicole McHugh (Soccer, Swimming, Austin Preparatory High School)

They are loyal to my system and they believe in it because they FEEL the difference.

And to help educate you the parent, you can reference the World’s Leading Youth Athlete Development/Training organization the IYCAThere you will find pertinent information regarding your child’s success in athletic involvement.


The very first.

Numero uno.


Because I finally found an organization I BELIEVED IN.

The IYCA spoke the truth to me about being a youth athlete, educating a youth athlete and progressing a youth athlete.

Systems I had been developing since my own youth athletic career, helping my peers and kids younger than myself succeed in sports and personal fitness we’re being reinforced to me.

Brian Grasso - A Mentor. A Brother for Life. Honored to be called his friend.

Brian Grasso – A Mentor. A Brother for Life. Honored to be called his friend.

Turned out I was ahead of the curve as a young fitness professional.

And that knowledge and education I’ve spent thousands of hours studying and researching and thousands of sessions tweaking and fine-tuning is now at your athlete’s disposal for absorption and improvement.

Now there are over 19 countries and over 4,000 certified IYCA professionals.

And I was the first.

All so I could help your child become the best youth athlete they can.

Kayla O'Reilly - A stunning young woman who is one of the most driven scholastic-athletes. I'm proud to call Kayla a friend and see her continually develop into an amazing person.

“Training at Belley Fitness is a great experience. I have been attending for three years – Marshfield High School into Rivier College – and I am always happy with the planning. I get in great shape for Raiders Field Hockey, and I feel like I am one of the best conditioned players on the collegiate field all thanks to Rob. He is a great instructor who truly cares about each person individually. The dedication Rob gives to each client is amazing. He never gives up and he will make sure you get in the shape you need to be in. I have fun working out, but don’t get me wrong it is a work out! Belley Fitness is filled with positive energy and I enjoy being here!” – Kayla O’Reilly (Rivier College / Marshfield High School, Field Hockey – team leader points/goals each year)

Doesn’t mean they’re going to a Division 1 school.

Doesn’t mean they’re going to become a professional athlete.

It means they are going to develop into a increasingly confident, polished athlete.

And unlike other athlete programs in Marshfield, Pembroke and Duxbury I only accept serious athletes into my year-round system.

Kids come to Belley Fitness to train and become successful.

There’s no hanging around, playing frisbee or horsing around.


We have fun.

We spend time laughing.

But it’s constructive.

It’s no wonder most of my youth athletes are the Captains of their respective  hockey, field hockey, wrestling, football, baseball, basketball, soccer, lacrosse, x-country, ski, track and field teams.

Do I turn them into these Captains?

Not necessarily.

But I do provide positive reinforcement for their leadership, meal choices, scholastic work, friendship.

So if you’re interested in your child creating, sustaining and progressing their athletic fitness potential I am ready to get them rolling.

I become and take seriously being one of the best mentors in their life.

Adam O'Reilly - One of the finest young men I've ever met. Going to accomplish amazing feats in this life

“I found Rob at Belley Fitness about 8 months ago and can now call his studio a second home. Rob trains me specific to my needs and goals, and I have been in the best shape of my life since meeting him. I needed to get into peak condition for Army ROTC at the University of Miami and as a result I am one of the fittest people in 130 member Southern Strike Battalion. I have made personal bests on my squat, clean, deadlift, bench press, run time, and my flexibility is much better since training with Rob. Tire flips, squats, sled pulls, he does it all and is truely concerned with my success. He pushes me past my limits and is also an amazing friend. Everyone who meets Rob gravitates towards his warm personality and finds his studio to be a great place to escape from the daily grind and sweat, chinup, laugh, and live the dream.” – Adam O’Reilly (Wrestler, XC, Triathlon, Competitive Obstacle Racer, Army ROTC, Tabor Academy, Univ. of Miami)


Nate Dunn - Super Athletic and Determined. Since I've known Nate he strives to improve himself in and out of Sports.

“Belley Fitness means a lot to me. It’s a place where I can actually get work done. Rob helps me prepare and train for athletics the correct way and teaches me how to activate/work all of my muscles.” – Nate Dunn (Football, Track & Field: Long Jump-100m-200m-400m, Marshfield High School)


John Jakobowski - We began training his sophomore year and by his senior season John helped lead BC High to their first D1 Super Bowl Championship in 8 years

“Here’s your 2 minute testimonial. My son John started working with Rob last December of 2006. His goal was to gain body weight and also become stronger. His weight at the time was about 180 lbs and and his bench press was 160 lbs. Working with John during the winter, spring and summer, John went to football camp at 210 lbs and attained a bench press of 200 lbs. It is my opinion that it was because of Rob Belley and his athlete program that my son met his goals. I look forward to having John work again with Rob at the end of this football season and work through next summer of his senior year. Respectfully submitted, John Jakobowski Sr.” – John Jakobowski Jr. (Football, Boston College High School)


Ali Stevenson - One of the most hilarious and spontaneously exciting people I've ever been fortunate enough to meet. Ali's passion for life on and off the ice were near equal. I was so proud to see her very first collegiate hockey victory in upstate New Hampshire.

“Working with Rob, at Belley Fitness has helped me on my way to becoming a college athlete. He’s helped me physically prepare for competing at the collegiate level. In addition, he has mentally influenced me to have a positive outlook upon future seasons in athletics. This has been a valuable experience for me and towards my hockey performance.” – Ali Stevenson (Hockey, Plymouth State University, Marshfield High School)