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Welcome To Belley Fitness

Customized Personal Training, Semi-Private, and Advanced Athlete Training

What I Offer To You

Take Pride In Far You Have Come, Have Faith In How Far You Will Go

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Personal Training

My studio is set up to provide training up to 5 Guests at once. I stagger start times and change your work out each day. I meet with you to discuss your goals and help keep you on track. But remember, you control what you achieve, your results are dependent upon your commitment. I am here for you

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Athlete Training

Being a athlete is a gift. One you can carry for life. The mission is to develop the mental strength, physical power, stability, and strength to continue developing, prevent burnout, continue to excel, and graduate to the next level as you attain it. Helping athletes of all ages is one of my life passions

Sleek & Beautiful


The Studio is Cold, The studio is Hot. So is Life. Belley Fit is a character in itself. I do not believe in neat little packages. I also do not believe in training under perfect conditions. Not even ideal conditions. I believe when we develop under uncomfortable conditions we become our strongest. I believe in embracing the Suck. We are always stronger than we give ourselves credit. Unfortunately the luxuries of modern society have allowed us to believe we are better then we really are. Selfies, Hashtags, Social Media, these things can easily swoon us into a sense of false-being. Belley Fit as a space is the checkmate.

Moments I Have Cherished Along The Way

Amazing Individuals, Inspiring Reciprocity... True Success

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Ragnar Relay

The Ragnar Relay starting line at Nantasket Beach. We were part of a great team and had a blast.

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Mount Mansfield, Vermont

Hiking Mount Mansfield in Vermont, state high point, with youth athlete Richard and Shrimps. Love testing our sessions in the outdoors. Photo credit Alicia

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Summer Death Race - Pittsfield, Vermont

Suffering alongside Adam while we go on to Officially Finish the Summer Death Race in Pittsfield, Vermont. Adam trained at Belley Fitness in route to accomplish this loftiest of goals. This was during a timed burpee / mountain summit circuit.

Sleek & Beautiful

My 'Enduring The Suck' Events

I've designed what I call 'Enduring The Suck' events for clients who wish to test their physical and mental fortitude. I am always proud to see the people I work with push themselves to finish these gauntlets. This was our beach edition

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